Balmain Markets

Loads of stalls offering: high quality original arts and crafts, bric-a-brac, books, clothing, footwear, antiques and collectables, organic fruit and vegetables, nursery, unique hand-made items and more.

Open Time
8am - 4pm
Every Saturday


 Located in the grounds of St Andrews Church, Darling Street.

Rozelle Markets

(Every Saturday & Sunday).

Located at the Rozelle Public School.

Major Sponsor of the 2009 Balmain Art & Craft Show

The Hardware Store is a major sponsor of the 2009 Balmain Art & Craft Show. Now in it's 14th year this popular event invites both first time buyers and seasoned collectors to discover new artists and browse the hundreds of paintings, sculptures, ceramics, indigenous works and high quality limited edition prints.

Show Dates:
Saturday 7th November 9am-5pm
Sunday 8th November 10am - 4pm

Eaton Street Balmain at the Father John Therry School

For more information on the show, artists, kids activities
and our sponsorship click here

Insulation Rethink

Due to changes to the BCA and the new BASIX requirements for housing there is a rethink in regards to insulation.

There are many mis - conceptions out there in regards to the thermal efficiency of various building materials.

Cavity brick walls have high thermal mass, but without insulation are usually too cold in winter, and often too hot in summer if exposed to prolonged heat wave conditions.

If the cavity is insulated, the internal thermal mass (i.e. the internal brick skin) is protected from external temperature changes, and becomes highly effective at regulating temperatures within the home.

Brick Veneer (BV) walls have the brick skin on the outside, which is not the ideal location for thermal mass. The bricks heat up in summer and radiate heat late into the evening, while in winter they stay cold and absorb heat from the house. Insulation is essential to protect the occupants from external temperature extremes that are exacerbated by the external brick skin.

Reverse Brick Veneer (RBV) is much more thermally efficient because the thermal mass is on the inside, however good insulation is still important.

A lighter skin is used on the outside such as fibre cement, timber or steel. This lighter skin does not retain the heat in summer and does not absorb the cold temperature in winter.

 The internal skin of thermal mass, ie brick, retains the ambient temperature from the inside of the house.

Timber framed walls are low mass construction, and rely entirely upon insulation to maintain thermal comfort. If the insulation has been installed and calculated properly these homes can be very thermally efficient.

Many traditional homes especially in Queensland, are built in this way with excellent results.

This shows that typical building construction methods used in Sydney will be changing to these new Government regulations.


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